Friday, 16 September 2016

Review of Sumup Card Reader - What's in the Sum Up Card Reader Box

SumUp Pin + Card Reader Review  

SumUp card reader is compatible with . No headphone jack? No problem. Connects via Bluetooth

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Simple Setup · 
  • Stringent Security · 
  • Fast Payouts
  • No Set up Fees
  • No Contract
  • 30 Day Trial
  • Less than 2p in the £1 Transaction Fee
  • Cheaper than Paypal

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    Okay so I decided to review the Sumup Card Reader. I am totally impressed with this fabulous little device, LOVE IT. It will be really handy for my events when people turn up with large notes and no change. At least I can offer another way to pay and just use it as and when I need to.

    First of all, what it is and what it isn't.  

    So it is the SumUp Pin + Card Reader 

    We just bought ours for our events and LOVE IT !! No contract. No monthly fees. 30-day money-back-guarantee. Sign up Today!

    Affordable, no-fuss way to take card payments.
    To sum it up!!! Excuse the pun ;-) It is cheap as chips and we love a bargain. Less than 2p per £1 and that's it!! Enjoy Also available in other European countries!!

    What is it ? It is a card reader machine. It allows you to accept in person credit card and debit card payments from your clients/customers. 

    Which Cards can I accept ? You can accept Visa V Pay Mastercard Maestro American Express 

    What it is not. It is not for telephone or web payments. 

    How much ?  £59 plus vat . Use my referral link for £20 off that!!! 

    What are the running costs ? Less than 2p per £1 transaction. 1.95% per transaction.
    So as an example for my event tickets are £15 that is 29p per £15 transaction. Paypal it is 71p!!!  

    What's the Monthly Fees ? ZERO No monthly fee just a per transaction fee so use it as and when. Note client needs to be present for transaction.

    Can I use this for Telephone or Web Payments ? No, that is a big fat no. This is for IN PERSON payments when your customer or client is present.

    What do I need to use it ? Iphone or Android smartphones with data/internet connection 3G works fine. No cables, it connects via bluetooth.with an internet or data connection.

    Once you reach the Sumup website, you can navigate to the one for your country. It is at the bottom of the page. 

    Minimum payment is just £1.00 .  
    Get paid usually within a week, depends on the card issuers bank.

    Who is it for ?
    So the Sumup Card Reader is great for therapists, events , markets , trade fairs, psychic fairs, craft fairs etc: Any product or service provider and great for events too. Self Employed, Sole Trader Market Traders Cab Drivers

    Sumup Card Reader What's in the Box ? Credit and Debit Card Reader

    So as you can see it comes with some Point of Sale material which is a fabulous bonus so you can display that you accept cards wherever you are because remember it is portable.
    The machine is placed on the setup leaflet and below you can see it fits neatly in the palm of my hand. 
    It runs on a 2x AAA Batteries, comes loaded with them and you also get a spare set in the box which is kinda cool and a nice surprise.  

    Although it connects to your smartphone via bluetooth so eliminates the need for cables it does come supplied with a 3,5mm TRRS Jack cable which can be used to connect to the phone instead of bluetooth. 

    An easy peasy to understand setup leaflet.

    So that's it for whats in the box.

    It arrived just a few days after I ordered it, this morning to be precise.

    On ordering you create your account with Sum up along with details to receive payment from them. 

    I had this out of the box, connected, worked out what to do, made a transaction for £1 to test and sent myself a receipt by email and text message, all within about 5 minutes. I had installed the app on my Android Phone previously so add another few minutes MAX. Note in order to connect you will need to add a transaction and it will set up ready for use. The app takes care of the blue tooth connection, no need to do so manually.

    Nice to see the Magnetic Stripe Reader so you can also accept cards without chips which may also include foreign cards. 

    Through the app I can see transactions etc nice and clear, easy to operate. 

    Note the keypad is really sensitive, so you just need to tap your number in, no need for any pressure at all.

    It does go in to sleep mode so its not eating up the battery.  I rather like the fact that I can stick in rechargeable batteries and also buy off the shelf in an emergency. 
    So based on that, future transactions will be within seconds.

    Summing it all up

    Sumup vs Izettle vs Payment sense vs Paypal  vs Payleven - Sumup is simpler with one low per transaction fee whereas the other card readers are on a sliding scale and you need to receive monthly transactions of £5000 in order to match the Sumup rate otherwise their rates are much higher. We love the simplicity of the low 1.95% fee structure.

    Although contactless payments, apple and android pay are not available on this Sumup reader, you can accept all major credit cards including those without chip and pin via the magnetic stripe reader.  This will be handy with overseas cards.

    You can also use your card reader abroad although you do need to contact Sumup to authorise this. Handy if you work trade shows abroad 

    Okay so i LOVE IT and score it 5 stars *****  Really cannot fault it. Great for occasional use, and great for more frequent use too. 

    PS Feel free to share my post with your self employed friends. Perfect for self employed and sole traders to accept credit and debit card payments. 

    Further info and to order yours please visit SumUp via the link

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