Saturday, 7 August 2010

Rod Stewart Concert O2 London United Kingdom

Got free tickets to see Rod Stewart via aka

A Big Huge Thankyou to Showfilmfirst and Seefilmfirst.

My friend Laura is a review wizard so enjoy her review of the evening :-)

The official Laura Jorden Review , Read it here First at Odie's bits N Bobs Blogspot.


Rod was amazing, giving his all for the whole of the show, nearly 2 hours!
His backing vocalists and the band were awesome, sliding through genres like a knife through musical butter.
Rod sang hit after hit and we the crowd adored him for it.
His voice was as raspy and rock as ever.
Rod is a true music legend and he certainly 'wears it well'

O2 is vast impressive and very well organised

Had a fantastic evening would without a doubt recommend the star and the venue to anyone ;)

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