Sunday, 6 March 2011

Painting and Art

Abstract Painting my new thing :-)

My new love in life is Painting. I have just started learning to paint, something I last attempted at around the age of 10 !!!

Loving every minute of it. I knew that I was keen to explore using my imagination, something I don't have to do in my usual life. I felt drawn to use colour, shape and texture and initially had the thought of using meditation to spark my imagination.

I could not find a course that combined meditation and art but enrolled in an Imaginative Painting course and am enjoying every minute of it. 

I love the freedom of the course and have enjoyed learning about different mediums in addition to paint.   At the moment I like using acrylic paint best.

I have just taken delivery of an easel and am keen to get painting on some large canvasses.

My work is very abstract and I love playing around with colours and shapes. 

I particularly enjoy being able to express a feeling or mood in a painting.

I will post some of my works on here soon. 

Check out some of my works. Click on the link This one is called The Rose

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