Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My New Camera

My new camera or New to Me Camera.

Finally, I have taken the plunge and bought my first Digital SLR Camera.

I could not make my mind up for ages and I was torn between buying a super zoom bridge camera and a DSLR.

I am now the very proud owner of a used  Canon EOS 400D with a ES-F 55-250mm Lens purchased on Ebay.  

I figured that I could not go wrong if I bought at the right price second hand and if I change my mind later I can just sell it on.  

As I am what I would describe as web savvy, I did my homework and purchased at a good price.  I paid by paypal and credit card so I have super duper protection on my purchase.  

The camera has arrived as described, fully working and actually it far exceeds my expectations.  Not a mark or a scratch and I am one very happy person.

Here are a few of my first shots and I am delighted with them so far.  Lots to learn though but I am sure going to have lots of fun doing so.

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