Wednesday, 11 August 2010

London Cycle Hire Scheme

Good or Bad ?

I have recently had cycling proficiency training and the thought of large numbers of inexperienced cyclists on the very busy London streets, initially filled me with Shock and Horror.

Having, spoken to a few people and googled a bit,  I am now taking some more time to research the subject.

Not sure if I will go for the entire experience (registering and hiring a bike ) depends how painful that is or I may just take my trusty little Dahon for a spin with the masses.

I will then review my entire experience and hopefully form a new opinion.

I'm not used to cycling in the centre of London and quite frankly it does frighten me somewhat so if I am amongst many, will that make a difference ?  I will let you know soon.

Safety in Numbers, I am told. Thinking along those lines, I have been on a few rides with Barnet Cyclists and out here in the sticks, there was a feeling of safety in numbers.  Put a few hundred black cabs, London buses and motorcycle couriers in the mix, ummmm I hope so.

Seriously though, I am all for cycling and encouraging this wonderful form of transport. If London were to be the new Holland, I would be delighted.

I will come back to this subject some time soon but I am really interested in others opinions, in particular any newbie or less experienced cyclists who have given the scheme a go so please leave your comments.

For all cycling enthusiasts in London, I just found this great blog on cycling in London and it includes some interesting looking routes to try.

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