Friday, 13 August 2010

Why The Blog ?

I tried Twitter, and Tweeted away for a while but I have heaps more to say than a little tweet can allow.  I guess tweeting has its uses but I'm ready for some Blogging now.

So here I am ready to experiment and who knows where it will lead.

I have started with a few articles about cycling which is something that I am very interested in, and I am happy to promote.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve for that so watch this space....

This is also a great opportunity for me to experiment with my creative side and try my hand at writing and expressing my thoughts.

I am finding promoting my blog to be the problem and making sure it is searchable.  I need to read up on all of that otherwise I may as well call this Dear Diary and then hope that no one finds it because a Diary is meant to be personal. That could be an idea in itself, if I call this Dear Diary will that open the flood gates for all to arrive.
A few years ago I did set up a blog and it worked really well for its purpose and that was to start up a Beginners Cycling group in my local area.  I was really surprised that people did find OYBIF , that was the blog name, and we did go on a few rides.  I also had a local cycling group contact me to link to OYBIF so I do realise that the Blogging Platform can be very very powerful indeed and an extremely effective networking tool.  BUT..... as with anything you need a product, a purpose and maybe a Niche.

That is it for now folks.

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