Monday, 16 August 2010

Time for a new Bike

I am in the market for a new bike.  I have my Dahon Vitesse folder that I love to bits but my Dahon doesn't love uneven surfaces at all and the ride is definitely portability over comfort.  I'm really after something that is a more comfortable ride that I can take to the park or out on a longer ride.  As it is a bike for casual use, my budget isn't huge so I am toying with the idea of some of the lesser know makes such as B'Twin, available from Decathlon. or possibly one from Capital Cycles as I rather like the look and the upright riding position. Decisions, Decisions.....  Any recommendations will be gratefully received so please leave your comments.  There is no urgency and I may even wait until the spring and save a little more for a higher budget.

I am also after some new tyres for my Dahon.  Unfortunately my little Dahon was used as a bad example on the bicycle maintenance course that I attended recently, see my blogg re: that below.  It seems that due to low tyre pressure my tyres have got a bit nackered so I have a good excuse to get some new shiny ones. When I have a moment, I will post some pics. I'm quite keen to try the Schwalbe Big Apples as they are meant to provide a more comfortable ride.  Possibly comfort over punctures !!!! We will see though. I need to do a little googling on that before I splash out and I promise to review on my findings. I know it talks about reduced risk of punctures with the Kevlar MB belt but we shall see.

Here is a description of the Big Apples that I am after.

The city tyre of tomorrow. The Ultra wide Big Apple not only looks great but its super volume swallows unevenness giving an air cushioned ride. The risk of punctures are reduced with the Kevlar -MB belt, whilst safety is enhanced with a 3M reflective band around the sidewall.
The width of the tyre swallows unevenness, making a smooth air cushioned ride.
Kevlar - MB puncture protection belt, 3M Scotchlite reflective rim provides added safety when riding at night.

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