Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's never too late.

On discovering my new Art hobby it brought back a distant memory of early childhood.

I remembered my Mum taking some art classes from an artist friend of hers.

In my mum's usual way this was one of many passing phases and I really take after her on this one.

I realised that Art will not pass by for quite some time as there are so many different mediums and styles to try.  For now at least I can not imagine my life without this new love.

My mum is 77 years YOUNG !!! and my dad is 9 years older than her. She is full of life and can not stay still at all.  My dad recently had a stroke and this has meant that she is less keen to go out without my dad and they don't get out as often as she would like.

I realised that if I could reintroduce her to painting that this might be a life saver and my sister and I bought her a set of paints, easel, paper etc:

No looking back.  This has been a godsend for her. Art Therapy at its best !!!!

Unfortunately my dad suffered another mini stroke and painting has been my mum's saviour.  It has helped release her energy and has had a calming effect.  Otherwise she would have gone crazy being indoors and unable to go out so often.

Thankfully Dad is strong and has got through this stroke really well. No permanent damage and he is doing amazingly well.
Mum is painting , churning them out like a factory conveyor belt but loving every minute of it.

I get many excited telephone calls from her assuring me that she has just finished her Masterpiece !!

The truth of it is she is one of lifes natural creatives and has been taking writing classes for some time.  She has also written a book (any interested publishers, please do get in touch) and many plays and stories.

Mum's work is completely different to mine, full of imagination and like tales of a different land.

Dad is complaining that he has become a Painting Widower !!! I think I may have created a monster. In all honesty though, he is happy watching T.V and mum is happy painting.

I am yet to encourage Dad to put brush to paper but we are working on it.

I say you can not knock it if you don't try it. You can not dislike doing something that you have not tried.

Below is some of Mum's work.

Enjoy :-)


  1. Your mother is a real talent. I hope she knows that ! These are so original and just great.
    It's expressionistic,surreal,organic,visionary...!

  2. Wow Thanks Lori :-) You have just made our day. Phoned mum and she is 'over the moon' with your wonderful comments. I will be adding some more of Mum's work to my blog soon. I have a paint and canvas delivery to make to her this weekend so there is more to come..... The family are all happy that we will be getting paintings for pressies from now on.... so personal and so much love goes into them :-)

  3. Mum now has her own Blog !!!


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