Monday, 23 May 2011

Planned Trips, Holidays and Weekends away. Devon and Glastonbury here I come :-)

So much to look forward to this year and I hope to widen my horizons and perhaps push the boundaries a little and take me out of my comfort zone.

I will soon be visiting  Glastonbury (my spiritual home). I was only there last month !!!

Yes there is more to Glastonbury than the annual music festival.

Each time I visit, I can not wait to get back again, almost like a magnet pulling me in but hey life is here to be enjoyed as much as possible.

I have also booked myself on a Meditation Retreat at a Buddhist centre in Devon for my holiday.

Okay you may think how the heck is that pushing the boundaries or getting out of my comfort zone but it has a very strict schedule and this includes some SILENCE !!! Most people don't think that I do Silence but I actually love sitting in silence and meditating.

My problem is the discipline of making time for meditation. It is crazy as I feel fantastic when I keep up with it and it makes a huge difference, yet it is all to easy to make excuses to not find the time. What is 20 minutes in a day ?   It is one of those things that are easier said than done.

The next biggy for me is Couch Surfing, YES Couch Surfing.

I have been finding it difficult to find available and reasonably prices accommodation for my stay in Devon after the retreat. I am planning on staying 3 nights. Then like a brainwave I remembered friends of mine had couch surfed so I thought I would sign up and give it a go.

Basically there are people out there who offer a space in their home, usually for 1 or a 2 nights free of charge. Some do it because they like meeting new people from all over the world. I guess everyone has their own reason for participating in the service.  I know people who have travelled all over the world by couch surfing and I used to have friends who Hosted here in London.

Usually it also give you the opportunity of having local information on an area and indeed some hosts actually show their guests around.  A great way to connect with new and like minded people too.

It sort of works like an ebay system, so you can see positive or negative feedback from people who have stayed previously and make your own judgement on if you would like to apply to stay based on that.

Check it out if you would like to know more.

I am hoping that I will be back later in the year to blog all positive stuff about my couch surfing experience.

I will be partly Couch Surfing and staying in a B&B for part of the visit.

Time to drag myself to the office , back to reality.

Love & Light

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