Sunday, 22 May 2011

My recent class and paintings.

Had a fantastic class yesterday and although the class is about imaginative painting we are still learning some of the theory and techniques.

I have always been amazed how an artist can look at something that is 3 dimensional and represent it on paper.

Yesterday we covered some spacial awareness stuff and how to make things look near and far etc: using colour and size.  Fascinating stuff.

Here are my paintings from yesterday.

First one getting to grips with the exercise and the second one I tried to use what I had learnt to create a view of some trees with some birds in the distance.  I hope it worked.

I do think my work is improving and changing but most importantly, I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

I also picked up some wonderful art books last week.

One on the History of Art and some others that caught my eye on various lesser known artists work.

This is a whole new world to me and one that I know very little about but I am keen to learn more.

It is almost like I now see with bigger and wider eyes.

It is an amazing and beautiful world out there.

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