Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Painting Class Imaginative Painting

My new love in life is painting.

I enrolled in my first ever Painting class in January 2011.

It came like a bolt out of nowhere.  I suddenly had a massive desire to paint.

I started training as a spiritual healer in September 2010 and it had changed my view of the world.  Nature has always been very important to me and I love being out in the fresh country air or in a wood.

Suddenly everything looked even more beautiful and vibrant than ever before and I felt the need to capture my new vision in a painting.  All rather strange when I can take a photo but it had to be paint !!!  There is a small problem here and that is I can not draw, YET !!! Perhaps there is hope for me yet but we shall see.

For now I am happy playing with colour, shape and texture and expressing myself and indeed my mood on paper or canvas.

I am not used to using the creative side of my brain at all. My work is not creative in any which way.  I realise that the spiritual path I am following is opening up the creativity within me.  Using both parts of my brain is allowing me to feel more balanced.

I am in my 2nd term now and so happy to be back in class.

A term is 6 classes so I am still very much a newbie to all of this.

The class is Imaginative Painting.  I have been told that this new term is going to be a little more technical than the last so I do hope that doesn't put me off.

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and as long as I do then I will continue with it.

For me, if anyone likes my work that is an added bonus but the most important thing is that I enjoy what I am doing and hopefully like what I am creating.

So far I have used mostly acrylic paint although we did one piece of work using mixed media so I am also the very proud owner of some acrylic inks, conte crayons and some charcoal.  

I have just bought a travel set of watercolours and am looking forward to using them which will be a first for me.  I have also sent off for some oil pastels so they are next on my list.

This could become a rather expensive hobby as the shopping list goes on and on and up and up.
Another recent purchase, still awaiting delivery is a book by Rolina Van Vliet called Painting Abstracts.

Originally when I booked the painting class, I was keen to paint.  I had no idea that I would be be interested in or in fact excited about trying different mediums.

I am truly in Love with my new hobby and hope that it will continue.

The painting above is one that I created in this weeks class. The original exercise was about spacial awareness, followed by a painting using what we had learnt.

My inspiration for this painting was Glastonbury Tor along with my love of Trees.  I usually love lots of colour and was surprised at how much I enjoyed working with black and white.

I will soon be on a weekend trip to my spiritual home (Glastonbury) where I will be trying out my watercolours for the first time.

Hope to have some new paintings inspired by the beautiful Somerset Countryside. 
I am truly blessed living in such a beautiful country and hope to capture a fraction of that beauty in my art work.

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