Sunday, 21 August 2011

London Thames Southbank August 2011

Yesterday I had a wonderful day out at the Thames Southbank in London.

A great opportunity to take my camera out and carry on getting to grips with DSLR photography.

The more photos, I take, the more tempted I am to take a course and learn more.  

Finding the time is going to be difficult because I have so many hobbies and interests.

I feel truly privileged to live in this wonderful city with so much to do and experience, often free of charge.

The day started with a fantastic dance troupe followed by a photographic performance called Stilled, involving dance,light,music and pinhole photography to make a meditative cross-artform event exploring perception.

The dance troupe were amazing and I have some photos here.  I hope that they capture the movement.

Dance troupe, name to follow when I get my brain into gear.

A journalistic photographic exhibition which was very moving and some of the images were quite shocking at times.  I guess they truly captured the moment !!

A time-lapse animation by an artist called Meghana Bisineer. Truly amazing and highly recommended. You will find this animation at the Saison Poetry Library , within the Southbank Centre. Wearing the Headphones is a MUST for this animation.

All of that and more, all free of charge and lets not forget the wonderful views of the Thames.

I feel so lucky to live in this incredible city.  

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