Friday, 26 August 2011

The Healing thing, Reiki , Seichem and Spiritual Healing

I am a second generation Healer within my family.

I have been aware of healing since I was a very young child as my Mother is a healer.

It was a normal and regular occurrence for my mum to lay her HOT hands on me for tummy aches, headaches in fact any aches and pains.

As a very young child, I was surprised that other kids got medicine and not Hot hands !!!

I always felt drawn to healing but I ignored the calling possibly even resisted it and got on with other things in life.  Perhaps the timing was not right then or that was just my rebelious nature !!

In 2000 I completed Reiki Seichem 1 Certification at my local college.

I then moved out of the area so did not continue with the second attunements, although I would occasionaly heal friends and family with some surprising results at times.

In September 2010 I came back to healing, almost by chance and that is another story in itself !!!

I started a course in Spiritual Healing at my local spiritualist church.  For one reason or another, life has taken me in a slightly different direction and I have completed my Healing as a Reiki Practitioner.

Personally I believe that Healing is Healing, and all comes from the Source.  All we are as healers is channels for that energy from the source as it needs a channel to make contact with the patient.

I am now a Reiki Practitioner and plan on taking my Masters very soon.

I believe that Healing should be available to everyone, regardless of income and it is my wish to balance my healing activities between those who can and those who can't afford a Healing Treatment.

Right now I am looking for places where I can donate my Healing to those in need.

Really looking forward to tonight as I will be in central London at a Healing event with London College of Spirituality.

Healing and Meditation have changed me and my life.

More on that soon.

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