Monday, 30 May 2011

The Glastonbury thing....

Just returned from yet another wonderful trip to Glastonbury.  I am so nackered, pulled every muscle , even muscles I was unaware that I had !!!

So much walking but it was amazing.

One day I woke up at 5am and I was on my way, walking up towards the Tor within 15 minutes of opening my eyes !!!  I actually made 3 trips up there that day and went out of my way to tell anyone who would care to listen !!

I was keen to get to the top of the Tor to watch the Sun Rise and also see the Sun set.  Unfortunately there was no Sun to Rise :-( but I did see a Red Deer during my insanely early morning walk up the Tor. I was so excited and tried to get a picture but the Deer was too far away and too fast for me.  During the early morning walk I also saw some Rabbits so well worth the early stroll to see the wildlife.

Time just flies when I am there and a longer trip is definitely on the cards.

A friend came along this trip and she has caught what I call the Glastonbury bug.  Basically the bug that causes you to plan your next trip in your head before you have even left there.  When it is okay to run out of time to do something as it is gives you even more reason to return.

I have also discovered another Gem in my favourite little town and that is The Ashram. Yes !!! an Ashram in Glastonbury. It is called Shekinashram and it is a wonderful place to stay.  You can just stay there on a B&B basis or you can become part of the community and join in with their spiritual practices, meditations etc:  See their website for more info about staying there.

I had the luxury of an incredible ensuite room there this time but there are cheaper options where you can stay in a room or shared accommodation with a shared bathroom.  Be warned though, the shared bathroom gets very busy.  I am going to stay in a Yurt on my next trip.

Below are just a few photos from this trip and I will add more to my dedicated Photo page later.

 Enjoy :-)

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