Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thames Festival London UK

Yesterday I went to the Thames Festival.

It is a wonderful annual festival that runs for the weekend.  The best day is usually the Sunday as that includes the grand finale of a spectacular firework display and night Carnival.

Mr Weatherman I feel like kicking your butt, big time..... Saturday, 20% chance of Rain, Sunday 60% chance of rain.... Not no more !!! All that seems to have changed, Mr Weatherman LIED !!! It looks like today is glorious and the odds on Rain have been washed out by the rain.  I am happy that the weather will not spoil the day for those that go today but I chose the wrong day based on the forecast YESTERDAY.... Okay, I am angry but I will get over it.  I am truly happy that the Night Carnival and Fireworks should be rain free today. :-)

Despite all my moaning , I had a wonderful day.

The day was full of colour , entertainment and food galore.  It was a feast for all my senses.

Certainly my idea of a good day out.  Thankfully it turned out to be a mostly beautiful day with less rain than I expected.

They are running a photography competition this year and I will be entering so fingers crossed, I may be the proud owner of a shiny new Nikon D7000 camera, If only.....

Mind you when I was trudging around with my Canon EOS 400d plus lenses yesterday, back breaking stuff, I may have said Stuff the Nikon D7000 , this photography thing is not much fun.

Weird really life behind the camera is a little less exciting at an event such as that.  It is great to take photos but it sort of removes you from what is going on around you and although you may be enjoying taking the photos, you can be missing out on the pure enjoyment of the day.  It can also be a little frustrating and very difficult to get the perfect shot with so many thousands of people around. Okay,  I am probably waffling on now and not making much sense. :-)

There came a point in the day where I said, 'Okay camera in rucksack now'.  All I need next time is someone to carry my rucksack :-) Wouldn't that be great.

Now I need to choose 5 photos for the competition.  Lots to choose from :-)

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