Sunday, 11 September 2011

Spiritual Development UK SDUK Facebook Group

Many Moons ago I used to be a member of a group on MSN Groups called Spiritual Development UK aka SDUK.

It was a very active group and it played an important part in my early spiritual development.

It was in the 'old days' of  56k modems ,  chat rooms and lets not forget the huge telephone bills !!!.  The group was one I joined quite early on in my spiritual development, although I had been reading up on spiritual matters most of my life, from my teen years and indeed was luckily enough to be born into a family of believers.  My mum being a trance medium and healer.

I realised that for other people the journey was very different to mine, more of a battle.  It can be a challenge for them to be accepted or even for themselves to accept what is going on.  The internet can be one of the most important places to support them on their journey. A path that can feel very lonely without the support of  'like minds'.

I recently found myself starting up a facebook group named after the original SDUK group that I had been a member of so many years ago. Weird really, my actions were not planned at all but I just found myself recreating a little of the past that was so important to me.  I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason :-)

More strange though, it has become apparent that Janette who runs the circle I joined 8 weeks ago was a member of the original SDUK group all those years ago. This I did not know because we all used to have Nicknames and very rarely used our real names !! It was also quite a large group and members would come and go but a  Small Small world indeed....

I realise that the past is the past but I feel that although this new group was inspired by one from so many years ago, that it is a new group and it will be very interesting to see where it goes and how it grows if indeed it is meant to.  There are new faces and some old ones too.  We have a lovely admin team, made up from different  people from my new development groups. A wonderful team of people :-)  Some very experienced and others quite new to this path. A wonderful mix.

I am very active with my spiritual development at the moment and participate in several groups including  Meditation, Healing and a Mediumship circle.

I feel blessed that my life is so enriched with so many wonderful people around me and so  many interests and avenues to explore.

I do intend to do more with my Healing and I am currently exploring different ideas for getting more involved with that side of things.

Oh if only I had more free time for everything.

Here is the link to the new Facebook Group for anyone interested in joining....

You need to be a member of Facebook to join.....

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